Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15 of 31: Drop Dead Sketchbook - Brush Pen Betty Doodles

Hey cats and kittens! I hope everyone's been well and having a good week so far. I know a while back I promised that you would be able to see some special sketches and doodles for Drop Dead vince, but now the wait is over! This is Drop Dead Sketchbook, where I pull out a few sketches of concepts, page thumbnails, or any doodles that might stir some interest.

This here was an experiment around the time I was first starting out the comic, trying to figure out if I wanted to do the comic traditionally with ink or digitally. Unfortunately I still need some practice with brush pens and brush inking and eventually I decided to draw the pages digitally. But these doodles of Betty were so cute I colored them in Photoshop and added the halftones to it (I think this was around the same time I was trying to figure out her color scheme as well).

Expect more artwork and sketchbook goodies very soon! Take care and stay spooky!

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