Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9 0f 31: Another Preview of Page 29!

Hey cats and kittens! I hope everyone's been doing alright this week. As for me I'm still pretty stuffy but I feel like my allergies are getting better so hopefully I won't be snotty for that much longer.

I've been trying to work on the next Vince page and I thought I'd give you a mini preview of what it looks like when I work on pages. The software here I'm using is called PaintTool SAI, it's a fantastic program with incredibly smooth lineart tools. Unfortunately it's only available for PCs, but from what I hear the lineart tools for Manga Studio 5 took cues from SAI so if you use a Mac I would look into that! As for what goes into making a Vince page I'll make a more detailed entry about that in a future entry.

Thank you everyone for your support and for tuning in for each entry for Betty & Vince Month. Take care and stay spooky!

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