Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5 of 31: Looking For Drop Dead Vince Questions For an FAQ/Q&A!

Hey cats and kittens! It's five days into the Halloween countdown for Betty & Vince month and nearly a week into October! I hope everyone's gotten started on their Halloween plans, as for me I don't really know what I'm doing for this year aside from Vince-related things. But I'm going to try my best to finish the remaining Vince pages and keep up with this production blog!

Firstly, here's a preview of Betty's Pumpkin Carving Stencil sketch. Vince's stencil is already finished and can be purchased here, along with some other fun Drop Dead Vince goodies. And more merchandise for the Halloween season will be added sometime this month so definitely keep an eye out and I'll be giving previews and first-looks for them on this blog as well!

Also, sometime this week I'd like to compile some questions for an FAQ or Q&A blog entry about Drop Dead Vince. It can be either about the story, the characters, or even about the creative process for the comic itself! Please feel free to leave any questions below in the comments section, I look forward to what you'd like to ask about Vince and Betty! Take care and stay spooky.

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  1. What do you consider some of your strongest artistic influences? How many chapters do you have planned for your comic? Are there rules for what allows a dead person to come back to "life" (such as how long it takes, do they have to be buried, is it just people)? Can you tell us anything about other characters you have planned to show up in your story?
    Feel free to ignore anything you would consider spoilers or not relevant... Happy to see these posts!