Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 of 31: Who Wants to Carve a Drop Dead Pumpkin?

Hey cats and kittens! And speaking of cats this one's out of the bag: the Drop Dead Shop is getting pumpkin carving stencils this year!

I don't know too many artists who make their own pumpkin stencils, especially of their own characters, but I thought it'd be something unique for this year and I thought a skeleton on a pumpkin would suit Halloween pretty well. They're currently going for $4 and will also include instructions (carving knives or tools however will NOT be included). Right now Vince's mug is the only design available, but Betty will be joining him very soon as well as some other Halloween Vince-related goodies so stay tuned!

Thanks again everyone for all your comments and support. If any of you use the stencils for carving your pumpkins this year please let me know! Take care and stay spooky!

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